Protected terrains, no matter how harsh, require expert care. At TIGRIS, we have the experience and specialized equipment to handle even the harshest terrains, including swamps and marshes, right-of-way land zones, coastal areas, uplands, rivers and estuaries. For each service, we always take great care to adhere to all conservation regulations and restrictions, and ensure the terrain’s longstanding health and beauty.

photo: a wetland in autumn


We provide mowing, cutting and clearing of dense vegetation in wetland terrains, restoring habitats in environmentally sensitive areas.

photo: a wetland in autumn

Invasive Plant & Mosquito Control

We utilize targeted spraying techniques to combat invasive species and manage disease vectors while preserving wetland ecosystems.

photo: a wetland in autumn


We can transport personnel and equipment through swamps, floating marshes and deep water crossings, and pick and transfer loads from a mobile, amphibious platform.

photo: a wetland in autumn

Soil Prep/Sampling

We perform geotechnical investigations for soil and sediment sampling, groundwater monitoring and environmental assessments, and soil preparation and tillage to plant food for waterfowl.

photo: a wetland in autumn

Fire Suppression/Controlled Burns

We manage controlled burns to restore wetland ecosystems by reducing excess vegetation, promoting native plant growth, and reducing the risk of uncontrolled wildfires.

photo: a wetland in autumn


Our services include digging, clearing, or deepening ditches and water channels to aid in water management, flood control and mosquito abatement.

“Their attentiveness to managing the aquatic weeds has taken the issue off my radar. The results are so noticeable that I frequently have members asking for their contact information.”
Golf Course Superintendent


TIGRIS has nine locations and growing. Find a location near you, or contact us for more information.