Due to their dynamic ecosystems, continuously changing from season to season and year to year, ponds provide a range of unique challenges. At TIGRIS, we are experts at addressing those challenges, providing services such as routine monitoring, vegetation control, aeration, and water quality management—each designed to keep your pond thriving.

photo: a sunlit pond

Annual Maintenance Plans

Our experienced pond maintenance crews provide customized plans with routine water-body and nuisance vegetation inspections and management.

photo: a fountain in an outdoor pond


We provide installation, scheduled maintenance and repair, winterization and warranty service on all the aerators and fountains we sell.


  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Service Maintenance
  • Water Features

photo: a technician operates a large machine performing pond maintenance

Mechanical Pond Care

Our mechanical pond care removes accumulated sediment, debris, algae and aquatic vegetation without chemicals.

photo: a sunlit pond


Using sonar or similar technology, we create detailed maps of your pond’s contours, sediment distribution, and habitat features in order to provide recommendations for its upkeep or improvement.

photo: a young fisher wearing a life jacket operates a reel

Fisheries Services

Our fisheries services include electrofishing assessments to evaluate fish populations, fish stocking based on your pond’s size and needs, trophy management, and habitat enhancement.

photo: a sunlit pond

Additional Pond Services

We provide any service required for a full-service pond management approach, from vector control to phosphorus removal (alum) and shoreline stabilization.

“TIGRIS saved our ponds this year by coming in mid-season and fixing the issues that plagued us since May. Their professionalism, communication and knowledge are the reasons I am sticking with them in the future.”
HOA President
“The improvement at the pond that you began this summer is remarkable! I really love working on sites that you serve because I kayak and work dogs on the ponds.”
Business Owner
“We are very pleased with the improved appearance of this pond.”
HOA President
“Thanks for taking care of our two ponds this year. They are looking better than ever.”
Property Manager


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