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Protect your investment with TIGRIS. We provide lake, pond, stormwater and infrastructure solutions that are as impressive as they are safe and as stunning as they are compliant.

The premier provider of lake, pond, wetland and stormwater management services in the United States, TIGRIS backs its services with relentless dexterity and a passion for environmental responsibility.

Thousands of clients across the country—from homeowners and lake associations to PGA golf courses and Fortune 500 corporations—rely on us for their water management needs. We take pride in helping some of the most prestigious residential, commercial, resort and golf communities look and perform their best.


With a wide range of services and locations across the country, TIGRIS will be your single source partner. From initial inspection and consultation through routine maintenance, professional installation, repair and compliance, we have you covered at every stage. Contact one of our locations to discover what services are available or coming soon to your area.

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Lake Management

We work in close collaboration with your lake group, regulators and experts to execute scientifically rigorous programs to restore ecological balance and enhance water quality.

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Pond Maintenance

TIGRIS offers a proactive and integrated approach to pond stewardship. Through routine monitoring, weed and algae treatments, aeration and water quality management, we ensure thriving ecosystems and preserved water aesthetics for your pond systems.

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Wetlands Services

We have the personnel and specialized equipment to handle all protected terrains, no matter how harsh, such as swamps and marshes, right-of-way land zones, coastal areas, uplands, rivers and estuaries.

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Stormwater Management

We provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing solutions systems to ensure your facility is maintained properly, functions as designed, and complies with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

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Stormwater Infrastructure Services

At TIGRIS, our innovative retrofit and rehabilitation solutions ensure that stormwater systems comply with all municipal regulations and perform at optimal levels.

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Each member of our team shares the strength and steadfastness of a tiger—unwavering in their tenacity and committed to addressing your water management needs with unyielding urgency and guidance.

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We are dedicated to providing the best results. We wake up every morning ready to attack the day and energized to be the best at what we do. Our results-oriented team has won numerous awards for the quality of our work.

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Our team is focused on delivering the best results, always with a sense of urgency. A fast, responsive and low-maintenance partner, we built our processes with you in mind.

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Our team of professionally trained, fully licensed experts ensures every service is performed the right way, with the right products and equipment, while maintaining safety and compliance.

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Our customized solutions are precise and adaptable to every need. Our versatility is evident; we strive to meet your unique requirements and desired outcomes.

We Can Help Your Waters Thrive


“We appreciate the knowledgeable and communicative staff. Tigris helped us accomplish our aquatic invasive species management goals. They are timely and make the work enjoyable and easy!”
Lake Association President
“Tigris saved our ponds this year by coming in mid-season and fixing the issues that plagued us since May. Their professionalism, communication and knowledge are why I am sticking with them in the future.”
HOA President
“Your entire staff is wonderful! Keep up the great work!”
Property Manager
“Being pleased with our results, should anything arise, we will only call Tigris to handle our lake. Thank you so very much for the awesome results and your continued professionalism.”
Lake Association Chair
“Their service is top-notch. We are on their pond maintenance and fountain winterization/service program. Our ponds look great, and fountains perform flawlessly throughout the season.”
Community Manager
“Their attentiveness to managing the aquatic weeds has taken the issue off my radar. The results are so noticeable that I frequently have members asking for their contact information.”
Golf Course Superintendent


Resilient, dynamic and nimble—we’ve taken a new approach, one that is revolutionizing surface water management. At TIGRIS, we have brought together the industry’s most talented and respected veterans alongside top-performing providers across the nation.


Embark on a rewarding journey where you can make a real impact on the world. At TIGRIS, you can pounce on a career with excellent benefits and where your passion can be unleashed.


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